New Year's Eve with Sawyer Brown

December 31, 2013

Shows at 8:00 PM & 10:30 PM

This is a New Year's Eve event you don't want to miss. Sawyer Brown has often called The Wagon Wheel Theatre "our favorite place to play." Which is why they again have returned to this unique, intimate venue where you experience every ounce of the band's energy and their wonderfully crafted songs come to life. Though, this is different. This is New Year's Eve. This is Sawyer Brown.

Taking no prisoners and laying waste to the country fans who show up has given Sawyer Brown the reputation of being a band the other acts don't want to follow, but it's also built them a fan-base that shows up no matter what. "It's crazy," Miller says. "It's almost like Jimmy Buffett's fans who come not because of the new record or the new song, but because they know they're gonna have fun. We've got kids who grew up listening to their parents' records coming now - and they're totally into it. But that's what you wanna do: maintain what you've created. When it's showing people a good time, well, that's a pretty great thing to have to keep up."